Sale 113A Preface

Tuesday, 01 November 2016

Welcome to Sale 113, this is catalogue 113A which contains many collections and separate consignments. The highlights are the Terry Naughton Collection of ancient and later coins, The Dr. Adrian Carr Collection of Roman Imperatorial coins, the Patrick J. O’Rourke Collection of Asian and world coins, the William (Bill) Bourke Collection of fire fighting medals and badges, and the Bill Jurksaitis Collection of Australian and British Commonwealth Stamps.

The Collection of Les Carlisle occupies the whole of catalogue 113B, while the antique arms, vintage watches and Australiana from the Ian Cummins Collection comprise catalogue 113C. These two important collections are being offered throughout Thursday 24th November from 9.30am.

Highlights of the first day of the auction include a nearly extremely fine New South Wales holey dollar and two dumps, 1813, a nearly very fine first or cracked die Adelaide pound, 1852, two superb second die Adelaide pounds, the Jerry Remick 1855 Sydney Mint half sovereign, uncirculated Sydney Mint sovereigns, 1860, 1862 and half sovereign, 1857, a proof specimen 1926 Sydney sovereign and three choice kookaburra pattern square cupro-nickel pennies, 1920 and halfpenny, 1921. Australian Commonwealth includes choice George V florins, shillings and sixpences from the John Wilson Collection, that have been off the market for over thirty years.

The second day covers world coins and banknotes ending with Australian notes in the evening. A rare variety of the 1918 fifty pounds from the Nicholson and John Wilson Collections is a highlight, together with the presentation first note ten shillings pair and letter of 1913.

The fourth day commences with the Terry Naughton Collection of silver and bronze coins followed by Dr. Adrian Carr’s Roman Imperatorial and then other properties of Greek, Roman and Byzantine coins. A highlight is the front cover coin, a first time offered aureus of Emperor Caracalla. 

The penultimate nineteenth session commences with military medals. Of special note here are the Polar Medal to legendary photographer Frank Hurley, a group of five to P.O. Cook B.F. Biram RAN an HMAS Sydney II casualty together with his diary. Following on are the stamps commencing with the Bill Jurksaitis Collection and some important Chinese stamps.

The final session on Friday evening comprises gold, silver and bronze coins and medals of Great Britain, and the Patrick J. O’Rourke Collection of Asian coins to complete the 5,783 lot sale valued at over five million dollars.

On behalf of the company I would like to thank all the vendors who have contributed to make this one of our largest and most diverse auction sales.

Please do not hesitate to approach us with any enquiries you may have about attending the viewing or auction. We wish you every success in your bidding.

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