114B Preface

Monday, 27 February 2017

This catalogue presents a collection formed by friend and colleague Ed Cummings before he became a professional numismatist.

It was a pleasant surprise when Ed said he would like us to auction his lifetime collection. Having being told it was strong in Australian gold, silver and bronze, which he had collected since arriving in Australia, and in British silver and copper, largely collected when he was living in England, we were intrigued as to its quality. The high standard of the coins in the collection is a great revelation.

Australian coins include a complete representation of Queen Victoria sovereigns while individual highlights include George V 1922 Melbourne and 1923 Sydney sovereigns. Commonwealth coins include a complete set of pennies featuring a choice condition 1930. This section is concluded by the unofficial pattern 1967 swan dollar in gold by Andor Meszaros. 

British coins are particularly strong in silver and copper from Queen Victoria, Edward VII and George V. A Queen Victoria 1847 gothic crown and a rare George V 1934 wreath crown are both particularly notable. World coins includes a nearly-complete collection of United States Morgan dollars. The final lot of the collection is an Australian presentation set of first issue 1966 banknotes to Sir Roland Wilson.

We are privileged to have the opportunuty to offer the collection of a colleague at auction and we trust this single-owner catalogue does justice to the fine collection and serves as a permanent record for Ed and his family of the enjoyment he had while collecting.

Never one to really retire, we wish every success to Ed in his future years.

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