Sale 115 Prices Realised

Friday, 11 August 2017

Sale 115 Realises $3.3 Million

The sale, held at the State Library of NSW on Tuesday 25th until Friday 28th July 2017, was successful with some sections attracting strong and widespread bidding. The total hammer price for lots sold was eight percent higher than the pre-sale estimates. The clearance rate was 76 percent, somewhat affected by a lack of bidder interest this time in ephemeral areas such as documents and share scrip.

The highlight, the Ancient British Collection, was a virtual sellout with the majority of purchasers being Australian residents. The collection realised almost $180,000 for the 110 lots sold.

There was strong support for the top grade Australian gold and silver, and a noticeable improvement in the interest shown in Australian banknotes.

In decimal proofs, a Lunar series proof four coin silver set, 2000 Year of the Dragon, ex Scott Collection (lot 313, estimated at $850), realised $2,385.

In Australian historical medals, a Cessation of Transportation in bronze (lot 673, estimated at $1,250) realised $2,027, and a Tasmania Poultry Society, 1859 in silver (lot 677, estimated at $2,500) realised $4,770. A collection of 1897 medalets, largely unpierced maker’s specimens (lot 690, estimated at $1,500) realised $3,578 after spirited bidding.

In the third session Australian Gold Coins, a Sydney Mint half sovereign, 1856 (lot 895, estimated at $500), ex Barry Scott Collection in low grade but with the rarer 1853 reverse die, realised $3,816. In the fourth session, a shield sovereign, 1871 Sydney (lot 912, estimated at $500) ex Gray Donaldson Collection, realised $1,670. A date set of Sydney sovereigns of Edward VII, 1902 – 1910 (lot 1057, estimated at $3,600) ex Barry Scott Collection, realised $5,724 after a bidding war from $3,200.

In the fifth or evening session a Proclamation India gold mohur (lot 1215, estimated at $1,200) ex Barry Scott Collection, realised $1,848. The New South Wales five shillings or holey dollar, 1813 (lot 1236, estimated at $45,000) ex Barry Scott Collection, realised $52,470. The second type Adelaide pound, 1852 (lot 1243, estimated at $25,000) realised $27,428. A high grade first type Sydney Mint sovereign, 1856 (lot 1247, estimated at $12,500) realised $14,906, as did an 1860 second type (lot 1252, estimated at $12,500). An 1861 Sydney Mint sovereign (lot 1254, estimated at $7,000), realised $8,348. A first type half sovereign, 1856, one of the finest known (lot 1264, estimated at $25,000) realised $29,428, the top grade second type half sovereign, 1866 (lot 1270, estimated at $12,500), realised $14,906.

Top price for a shield reverse sovereign went to the 1886 Melbourne (lot 1287, estimated at $7,500), realising $10,733. The choice uncirculated 1926 Sydney Sovereign (lot 1325, est. $45,000) realised $50,085. The choice uncirculated 1929 Melbourne sovereign (lot 1329, estimated at $7,500) realised $8,944. A choice uncirculated half sovereign, 1873 Melbourne (lot 1333, estimated at $5,000), realised $5,486. The highest price for the entire sale was realised when a gem proof half sovereign, 1896 Melbourne (lot 1350, estimated at $25,000), more than doubled estimate when a floor bidder prevailed over two other bidders and a phone bidder, realising $59,625.

The pattern square penny, 1921 (lot 1352, estimated at $20,000) realised $23,850 and the proof Canberra florin 1927 (lot 1353, estimated at $10,000) realised $11,925 to a collector in the room. The proof 1954 Perth Mint halfpenny, ex Paxman Collection (lot 1367, estimated at $5,000) beat estimate realising $8,348 to a live online bidder.

In the Australian Commonwealth a nearly choice uncirculated florin, 1912, (lot 1392, estimated at $5,000) beat estimate realising $7,155. A choice uncirculated florin, 1915 (lot 1396, estimated at $9,000) realised $9,540. A nearly gem florin, 1925 (lot 1407, estimated at $2,000) brought a new record of $3,816. The choice uncirculated florin, 1932 (lot 1413, estimated at $12,000) realised $13,118.

A new record was set for a 1916 threepence, a one only highest graded PCGS MS67 (lot 1438, estimated at $3,000) nearly tripled the estimate when sold for $9,540. The two 1922/1 overdate threepences both topped their estimates, (lot 1443, estimated at $4,000) realised $6,201 and (lot 1444, estimated at $3,500) realised $5,009.

A well struck very fine 1930 penny (lot 1459, estimated at $20,000) realised $21,465, while the O.C. Fleming Collection specimen (lot 1460, estimated at $18,000) realised $19,080, as did the last one (lot 1460, estimated at $14,000).

The next morning in the British coins a Newark besieged sixpence, 1646 (lot 1650, estimated at $2,000) realised $4,412. In British gold coins a Commonwealth unite 1653 (lot 1835, estimated at $4,500) ex Gray Donaldson Collection, realised $5,963 to a collector bidding in the room.

The Queen Anne two guineas, 1709 (lot 1838, estimated at $3,500) ex Simcock estate realised $5,486, the George IV two pounds from the same estate (lot 1856, estimated at $3,000) realised $4,532. The George III nearly uncirculated sovereign, 1818 (lot 1850, estimated at $4,000), ex Gray Donaldson Collection realised $7,155. The Queen Victoria proof half sovereign (lot 1566, estimated at $5,000) realised $8,109. The 1937 four coin proof set (lot 1884, estimated at $12,000) realised $14,310.

In world coins, a China Ch’ing Dynasty fifty and ten cash (lot 1978, estimated at $400) from an old Sydney collection realised $3,101. A China Republic Sun Yat Sen dollar, 1912 (lot 2021, estimated at $2,000), realised $4,412, a pattern ‘junk’ dollar (lot 2037, estimated at $3,000) realised $4,532. A French Indochina silver tael rare variety (lot 2118, estimated at $1,500) sailed past estimate to bring $7,632 to a Chinese buyer in the room. A Myanmar (Burma) kyat (lot 2285, estimated at $2, 500) realised $7,036.  A Thailand cupro-nickel set of four, 1897 (lot 2444, estimated at $500) realised $1,312.

In world gold an India Assam mohur, 1747 (lot 2586, estimated at $2,000), ex Gray Donaldson and Colin Pitchfork collections, realised $3,697. The highlight was a USA ten dollars or eagle 1795 which had been mounted and gilt (lot 2655, estimated at $1,500) ex Simcock estate went way beyond estimate, realising $11,329. In US silver a choice toned uncirculated Hawaii dollar, 1883 (lot 2733, estimated at $6,000) ex Brian Bolton Collection, realised $11,925.

On the third day the British India multiple coin lots realised four to seven times estimate, eg. half rupees 1887 – 1910 (total 7) (lot 3163, estimated at $200), realised $1,431.The Indian banknotes followed on with top price going to the scarce George V two rupees eight annas note, 1918 (lot 3221, estimated at $2,500) which realised $5,963 and a one hundred rupees note, 1928 (lot 3239, estimated at $3,000) realised $3,935. Then followed New Zealand notes, top price going to a Bank of New South Wales twenty pounds, 1914, ex S. N. Agnew Collection (lot 3331, estimated at $8,000), at $9,540. A CBA ten shillings 1923 (lot 3333, estimated at $2,000) realised $3,816.

In the afternoon in world banknotes, a British Honduras two dollars 1956 (lot 3478, estimated at $350) realised $2,027 to a live online bidder against an active collector bidding in the room. A Seychelles essay ten rupees, 1957 (lot 3771, estimated at $1,000) realised $2,170 and a Southern Rhodesia ten shillings, 1955 (lot 3791, estimated at $1,500) realised $3,101.

The night session saw the Australian notes sold. Top price went to the Western Australian Bank issued one pound 1897 (lot 3913, estimated at $15,000) that realised $31,005. An issued but cancelled Bank of New South Wales one hundred pounds 1910 (lot 3896, estimated at $9,000) realised $11,324. A ten pounds, 1918 (lot 3996, estimated at $7,000) realised $14,906. A run of thirty ten pounds, 1943 (lot 3999, estimated at $30,000) realised $31,005. A pair of Coombs/Randall two dollar star notes, 1967 (lot 4042, estimated at $7,000), realised $8,444 and a last prefix pair, 1968 (lot 4043, estimated at $5,000) realised $7,751 to the same online bidder.

The fourth and final day opened with ancient gold coins. The Philip II of Macedon stater (lot 4161, estimated at $7,000) realised $9,540. The Alexander III, (the Great) distater (lot 4162, estimated at $20,000) realised $19,676 and a stater in the following lot (lot 4163, estimated at $7,000) realised $10,136 and the next, another example, (lot 4164, estimated at $4,000), realised $7,155. In the Roman series a Vespasian aureus (lot 4167, estimated at $6,000) realised $7,632. In the Greek silver an Alexander III didrachm (lot 4207, estimated at $1,200) realised $2,027. A Roman Republic Aes Grave (lot 4286, estimated at $2,000) from an old Sydney collection realised $2,624. Top price in the Roman Imperial went to a silver cistophorus of Ephesus under Augustus (lot 4350, estimated at $4,000), at $5,247.

The Ancient British Celtic Collection commenced after midday and the highlights were as follows: the Medusa type quarter stater (lot 4598, estimated at $2,000) at $4,770; the Iceni stater (lot 4610, estimated at $3,000) at $3,935; the Catti stater (lot 4622, estimated at $5,000) at $6,559; the Anted stater (lot 4624, estimated at $4,000) at $5,366; the North Thames SS type stater (lot 4632, estimated at $3,500) at $5,724; the Dubnovellaunos stater (lot 4637, est. $1,800) at $4,770; the Catuvellauni stater (lot 4644, estimated at $1,600) at $4,770; the Tasciovanos stater (lot 4649, estimated at $3,000) at $5,009; the Tasciovanos warrior VER type stater (lot 4653, estimated at $5,000) at $9,540; the Tasci Ricon type stater (lot 4654, estimated at $5,000) at $11,925 (the highest price); and the silver unit of  Cunobelinus Bucrania type (lot 4675, estimated at $1,500) at $4,770.

The first two sessions in the afternoon were devoted to Orders, Decorations and Medals, with militaria. The Christopher Stoyles Collection was a virtual sell-out for campaign medals, the highest price went to the Hong Kong Plague Medal 1894 (lot 4721, estimated at $2,000) at $3,101.

In Australian singles an AM Civil (lot 4922, estimated at $500) realised $3,578; an MM for a Light Horseman (lot 4937, estimated at $3,000) realised $3,816. A Volunteer’s Officer Decoration for the commanding officer of Tasmanian Rifle Regiment (lot 4955, estimated $950) took off to realise $4,174. A NSW Artillery Sudan pair (lot 4961, estimated at $3,000) realised $3,578. The highest price went to the Sutherland AFC and RAAF group of five (lot 4966, estimated at $30,000) at $38,160. Another highlight was the group of Aboriginal officer Reg Saunders (lot 4993, estimated at $5,000) at $10,733.


The next sale takes place in Sydney, 21st – 24th November 2017. Entries close on the 22nd of September. Already included are several collections including British and world coins and selected Greek and Roman from the late Dr John Flynn Collection.

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