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GROUP OF ELEVEN: Distinguished Service Order (GRI); The Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (MBE) (Civil type 2); British War Medal 1914-18; Victory Medal 1914-19; 1939-45 Star; Africa Star; Burma Star; Italy Star; France and Germany Star; Defence Medal 1939-45; War Medal 1939-45 with MID. First two and last seven medals unnamed as issued, Lieut. L.C.Cooper. A.I.F. on the third and fourth medals. Both named medals impressed. Swing mounted, very fine - good very fine.

Together with bestowal document for MBE signed by Queen Elizabeth II.

MBE: Supplement to LG 1/1/1959, p15 to Lieutenant-Colonel Loris Clyde Cooper, D.S.O., Civil Defence Officer, County of Northumberland.

DSO: Supplement to LG 8/11/1945, p5432 to Lieutenant-Colonel (temporary) Loris Clyde Cooper (107838) The Sherwood Foresters (Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire Regiment).

Recommendation: dated 31 August 1944 (Temp/Lieut-Colonel L.C.Cooper (The Foresters) attached to 4Bn, The Green Howards)

At Ualeb, in Libya, Lieut-Colonel Cooper, with his battalion held his position and denied the use of the Trigh Capuzzo to the enemy from the 27th May to 1st June, 1942.

In the opening phases of the battle a force, which enemy accounts say was an Italian Division, attacked along the Trigh Capuzzo. Lieut-Colonel Cooper, by skilful use of ground, held off all frontal attacks, firstly by means of a small covering force in front of his position, and later by action from his main position. On the 29th May a major enemy attack with tanks and infantry was repulsed with heavy losses to the enemy in men and four tanks were knocked out in front of the position. The enemy never penetrated the position on this front.

On the 30th and 31st May German forces coming up from the rear enveloped Lieut-Colonel Cooper's Northern flank and joined hands with the enemy attacking from the West. The battalion area was now subjected to heavy artillery fire from the North and West and our supply of ammunition was rapidly diminishing. On the 31st May the enemy breached the Northern front but Lieut-Colonel Cooper quickly restored the position.

It was not until the forenoon of the 1st June when artillery, mortar and small arms ammunition was mostly expended that the unequal struggle went in favour of the enemy, who mounted two simultaneous attacks from the North. In the face of overwhelming enemy forces, the tenacious action of the battalion was due in a great measure to the skill, determination and example shown by Lieut-Colonel Cooper.

As a footnote to the recommendation is written, 'That Colonel Cooper and his battalion maintained his position as long as he did is extraordinary - The Trigh Capuzzo was vital to the defence of this area - on all occasions Col. Cooper set the highest standard of leadership and courage. Recommended for D.S.O.'

MID: Supplement to LG 30/6/1942, p2853 to Capt. (temp. Maj.) (actg. Lt.-Col.) L.C.Cooper (107838), in recognition of gallant and distinguished service in the Middle East during the period July 1941 to October 1941.

MID (2nd award): Supplement to LG 6/6/1946, p2741 to Lt.-Col. (temp.) L.C.Cooper, D.S.O. (107838), in recognition of gallant and distinguished services in the field.

Recommendation: dated 8/3/1946 (for action as POW Escaper).

Captured in N.Africa in June 1942, Lt.Col. Cooper was sent to Italy. A year later he escaped from Camp 207, Milan, only to be caught as he made his way to the coast.

During his imprisonment at VEANO (Camp 29) he worked ceaselessly to encourage escapes and to raise the morale of the prisoners. Although he was released at the time of the Italian Armistice he was recaptured within a short time by a German patrol. Towards the end of October 1943 during transfer to Germany, Lt.Col. Cooper jumped from the heavily guarded train near Verona. He was seen and fired upon, but was not hit. Whilst making his way South he instructed several partisan hands in the use of weapons; eventually he had to abandon his original objective and make his way to Switzerland.

When the route from Switzerland was opened up in the Autumn of 1944, Lt.Col. Cooper did excellent work in the organisation of the evacuation of all Allied personnel.

WWI: Loris Clyde Cooper, student, age 18, born at Port Adelaide, Sth Aust; Enl.28Feb1916 at Blackboy Hill, WA with previous service under UTR, as Sergeant area 84B Boulder; to 52 Depot Coy and then Signalling School 07Mar1916; Emb.17Apr1916; Disemb.May1916 at Suez; to Plymouth 16Jun1916; to L/Cpl 04Oct1916; to 2nd Rfts 51Bn; GSW left leg, off duty, accidental & to hospital 29Dec1916; and to Corporal 20Apr1917; to France 24Jul1917; appt'd Cadet on command at No.6 Officers Cadet Bn 05Apr1918; to 2/Lt 04Nov1918 to Gen Infy Rfts; at various times 1917-1919 suffered Influenza, Trench Fever and Scabies; RTA 12Jul1919; Appointment terminated 01Oct1919.

WWII: tried to enlist but told he was too old. He then went to England, leaving his wife in Western Australia, and joined the British Army and served with the Sherwood Foresters. Ranks, 30Nov19139 2nd Lt, 07Mar1941 WS Capt, 07Mar1941 also Temp Major, 02Oct1941 Act Lt/Col, 02Jan1942 WS Major; short service commission - Temp Lt/Col 14Apr1942 serving in 1st and 13th (India) Bn's Special Forces. After the war he remarried and settled in Northumberland.

With research including a full official unit account of the Battle of 150 Infantry Brigade 26 May - 1 June 1942.

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