Stoyles Collection of German Helmets - Prussia


Lot 5451    Session 20 (7:30pm Friday)    Stoyles Collection of German Helmets - Prussia

Estimate $10,000
SOLD $8,500

IMPERIAL GERMANY, Prussian Gardes Du Corps model 1894 enlisted ranks metalhelme, in full parade configuration, an outstanding helmet as worn by the personal guard of the German Emperor Wilhelm II, original German tombak metal body with rounded tombak front peak and 'lobster tail' neck guard all edged in German silver trim, large parade mount hole to the top and four smaller extra holes for attachment of the spike for normal every day use, body with a large dent to the brow area that is hidden by the helmet plate, an almost illegible makers stamp to the under side of the front peak edge 'A. Kluckl'? , on the front a 'neusilber' star burst other ranks guards helmet plate with text 'MIT GOTT FUR KONIG UND VATER LAND-1860-' (with God for King and Fatherland) arranged around it with 'SUUM CUIQUE' (to each his own) to the inner border, on the centre a small blackened eagle over tombak, helmet plate with screw post mounts and a soldered separate center wappen, convex brass chin scales with leather backing secured by steel bolts and fitted with aged repainted large model 1857 pattern state and national cockades, 'neusilber' parade eagle mounted on an enlisted ranks oval base secured to the helmet body with a large oval brass nut and threaded bolt soldered to the base plate, a gilt brass officers crown indicating possible use by an NCO, original dark brown leather liner intact, with light soiling and age wear, unquestionably one of the most elegant and well designed pickelhauben. Extremely fine.

Regiment der Gardes du Corps was the personal bodyguard of the King of Prussia and after 1871 of the German Emporer. The Regiments Garde du Corps and the Garde-Kurassier Regiment were the only two Prussian regiments entitled to wear a removable eagle on parade. On all other occasions a spike was worn.

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