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Lot 55    SESSION 1 (9.30AM TUESDAY 17TH APRIL)    Mis-strikes

Estimate $50
SOLD $220

GEORGE V - ELIZABETH II, George V, pennies, 1933 (2, one struck on underweight planchet and the other with planchet flaw on reverse through Penny and date; George VI, florin, 1946 with 19 barely visible; Elizabeth II, florin, 1962, shilling, 1961, sixpence, 1958, penny, 1959Y., halfpenny, 1954Y., all with clipped planchets, two dollars (?) blank planchet (19.9mm; 6.71g), one dollar, 1988 with planchet flaw below Queen's bust, twenty cents, 1966 struck on underweight planchet, 1981 with clipped planchet, another with no date visible, reverse as normal but obverse polished with edge and much lettering removed (created error?), cupro nickel coin blank (27mm; 11.11g). Good - good extremely fine. (14)

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