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Lot 91    Session 1 (9.30am Tuesday 20 November)    Mis-strikes

Estimate $80
SOLD $200

GEORGE V - ELIZABETH II, halfpennies, 1921 die crack from dot to 1921, 1926 die crack rim to rim through B, crown and R, 1953A. with obverse planchet flaw, 1953A. with clipped planchet, 1960Y. with reverse planchet flaw, 1960Y. with clipped planchet, 1961Y. with fade out of lettering on both sides and also of date, 1961Y. with fade out of date (mint red), 1963Y. with reverse planchet flaw and fade out of date; pennies, 1929 with broken first leg of second N in Penny, 1931 with planchet crack and raised metal break both sides through R of Britt and O of Of, 1938 with planchet flaw, 1939 with planchet flaw, 1941Y. raised metal bar where kangaroo's tail joins body, 1942I with planchet flaw, 1952Y. with planchet flaw, 1957Y. with planchet flaw, 1962Y. with fade out of Queen's nose near brow, 1964Y. with fade out of 1 in date, 1964 with fade out of 4 in date and NY on Penny. Good - extremely fine. (20)

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