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ATTICA, Athens, silver tetradrachm, 162-161 B.C., (17.08 g) Thompson 406j (same dies), obv. head of Athena Parthenos to right, wearing triple crested Athenian helmet, ornamented with Pegasos, dotted border, rev. Owl standing right, head facing on prostrate amphora, to left a winged fulmen (thunderbolt) upright, **A QE* across, on left side across **QEO* on right side across **FRA*, in two lines below **SWTA[S]*, and EYK**[L] HS*, on the amphora letter **G*, below amphora **SW*, all within
olive wreath, (cf.S.2555, Thompson 406j [same dies], Specimen in the Hague, rev. die illustrated as Sv. Plate 48, 3). Bright, extremely fine and very rare.

Ex Classical Numismatic Group auction sale, December 7, 1994, (lot 1294 part). Type represented in Thompson "The New Style Coinage of Athens" as No.406j [same dies]. Thompson reports 44 known tetradrachms of winged fulmen type from 8 obverse and 34 reverse dies. There is a difference of 32 year less between Thompson and the suggested revised chronology. This would make this issue 130-129 B.C.

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