The Verene Collection Realises Over $3 Million

Wednesday, 03 August 2022

The Verene Collection realised a total of over three million dollars on Wednesday evening, 27th July. Top prices went to the Queen Victoria Una and the Lion five pounds, 1839 (lot 2563; est. $650,000) at $951,600 (or nearly one million dollars), the highest price to date for a coin at public auction in Australia. Next highest price went to the George IV proof five pounds 1826 (lot 2505; est. $60,000) at $195,200. A proof pattern crown of William IV by W. Wyon (lot 2538, est. $80,000) realised $154,940 a new record price for a William IV silver crown. A lettered early Queen Victoria Gothic proof crown, 1847 (lot 2589; est. $30,000) realised $61,000, while a plain edge proof (lot 2590; est. $35,000) realised $80,520. A Queen Victoria pattern ‘Godless’ florin, 1848 (lot 2592; est. $7,500) in gem proof condition soared away to finally bring a new world record $52,460. A Queen Victoria Jubilee head proof five pounds, 1887 (lot 2621; est. $30,000), realised $79,300, and an old head proof five pounds, 1893 (lot 2671; est. $45,000), realised a record $ 115,900. Possibly the finest known Queen Victoria proof plain edge silver crown, 1839 (lot 2566; est. $60,000) realised a record $103,700.

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