Sale 133 Preface

Tuesday, 27 June 2023

This sale offers a wide range of material including some high-grade Australian Gold rarities, two outstanding proof half sovereigns, one a brilliant proof by L.C. Wyon dated 1857 Sydney Mint and a gem proof 1890 Melbourne proof only year, both ex Murdoch (1903) Collection. Australian Commonwealth is highlighted by one of only two 1919 shillings, a pattern Kookaburra square penny 1920 and early proofs of 1924, 1934 and 1936. There are no less than four 1930 pennies, mostly above average grade.

The first evening session commences with a New South Wales Holey Dollar and Dump of 1813 followed by two high grade Adelaide pounds, 1852. The proclamation coins being a larger than usual series have been held over until halfway through the morning session the next day. Australian historical medals feature an outstanding George III Resolution and Adventure medal in silver and an interesting convict token. These are in the session on the Tuesday together with some high grade Australian tokens. In a comprehensive run of German New Guinea coins at the end of the 4.30 session there is a choice silver 5 mark.

On Wednesday at 2:30pm there is the Wood Dunbar Collection, featuring artefacts from the historic shipwreck at Sydney’s South Head. There is also a good range of miscellaneous gold items including jewellery followed by a range of Indian coins, mostly Mogul.  The 4.30pm session sees the offering of British silver and bronze coins, including the Anglo Saxon coins from the Steve Green Collection and farthings from the Alan Hanneman Collection. The British gold includes an attractive noble from the Chris Hall Collection and these come up part way through the 7.30 pm session.
The next day, Thursday 27th is devoted to World Coins in silver and bronze followed by World Gold then Australian decimal notes at 4.30 pm and at 7:30pm the pre decimal notes including, twenty, fifty and one hundred pounds notes of Cerutty/Collins and a comprehensive series of star notes.

Friday 28th sees ancient coins for two full sessions followed by Orders, Decorations and Medals in the two afternoon sessions. Towards the end of Australian groups in the 2.30 pm session comes the outstanding World War II Victoria Cross group awarded posthumously to Corpl. John (Jack) Alexander French VC for the Battle of Milne Bay, Papua New Guinea. It is being sold on behalf of descendants of the recipient and a record price is anticipated for the most outstanding Victoria Cross we have seen on the Australian auction market. The auction concludes with British singles and groups and other countries medals.

Prior to the in-room auction there are 846 lots offered on Monday 24th July in the eSale timed online only auction, the lots range from militaria, mainly badges, and miscellaneous antique daggers from the late Tony Wood Collection. Artefacts, pictures, and documents follow, then world banknotes, stamps, numismatic and other literature including the late Ken O’Brien’s Asian art books.
Attendance at the auction and viewing is encouraged and our team is only too happy to be of assistance. Please enjoy the experience and good luck with your bidding.

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