Sale 118 Preface

Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Welcome to Sale 118, a wide ranging sale published in two catalogues: Part A, the catalogue you hold now, includes collections from deceased estates and living collectors, and Part B, devoted to the finest collection of banknotes in private hands, formed by the collector over forty years up to his death in 2014.

The undoubted highlight is the New South Wales five shillings or holey dollar, 1813, struck from a centrally pierced Mexico City Mint eight reales, 1788, (lot 1013). I remember the late Beryl Nesbitt exhibiting this attractive holey dollar at an Australian Numismatic Society meeting in about 1960-61. John and Beryl had purchased the coin privately in 1959 for £70.

Another highlight is the earliest known share certificate, 8th August, 1818, of Australia’s first bank, the Bank of New South Wales, subscribed to by William Redfern (lot 3664). It was acquired at our auction in 1986 by the late John Melick, and previously belonged to Coleman P. Hyman and H. P. Lassetter, and was part of exhibits at the World’s Columbian Exposition in 1893 in Chicago.

The first day of the sale is devoted to all Australasia: the feature is the important collection of Australian Commonwealth silver coins, formed over two generations in Victoria, and known as the Heathcote Collection. Bronze coins and early proofs from this Collection were
sold by us in the late 1990s, particularly in Sale 58. The coins are all unknown to the present generation of
 collectors and include several ‘finest knowns’. Colonial coins include all varieties of fifteen pence dumps, 1813, a Port Phillip gold quarter ounce and a very rare 1855 Sydney Mint half sovereign.

The second day is devoted to British, ancient, and world coins. The South African coins of the Boer Republic are extensively represented and mostly come from the late Johnny Miller’s Collection.

The third day sees the offering of miscellaneous items, including a good run of natural gold nuggets. There follows a good range of stamps, highlighted by the John Melick Collection of Mint Kangaroos and King George V, an old collection of postal stationery, and flight covers. New Zealand, world, and Australian banknotes follow, culminating in the Caldwell Collection that evening at 7.30pm.

The fourth day sees Orders, Decorations, Medals, and Militaria, offered in two sessions. British singles include an NGS bar Trafalgar, another with bar for Boat Service, 21st July, 1801 and a Waterloo Medal. Australian groups feature a DSO Camel Corps group of 6, awarded for action at Tel el-Khuweilfe, (lot 4582), as well as several important groups for the Gallipoli Campaign.

This is a most exciting auction offering many opportunities for buyers, and on behalf of the company I wish to thank our dedicated staff and all the vendors for their contributions and I look forward to being of service at the viewing and the auction.

Jim Noble

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