Sale 119 Preface

Monday, 22 October 2018


Welcome to our third and final auction for the year 2018, offering a wide range of items from many collectors both past and present.


An example of such is the offering of Indian coins, which take up the whole of the twelfth session and mostly come from the Dr V.J.A. Flynn Collection. Most of his lots are accompanied with his beautifully calligraphed descriptions on envelopes. Among over one hundred and sixty gold coins, a Gupta ‘Tiger Slayer’ gold dinar (lot 3161) is a highlight. Two silver rupees (lots 3250 and 3374) of two extremely rare rulers, the first struck at Lahore, the second at Dhaka, will certainly attract international attention.


Another specialised collection is that formed by the late Matthew Rich which comprises Anglo-Saxon and later hammered silver, and British historical medals, mostly relating to the English Civil War. A highlight of this collection is a Harold II Pax penny, struck at Wilton Mint.


A former owner of the Coin and Banknote magazine, Brian Ahearn, has consigned his Proclamation and Australian coins, mainly gold sovereigns.


The fifth session highlights are a cracked die Adelaide pound (lot 1124), a 1919 pattern square penny in brilliant condition (lot 1202), a beautiful proof Canberra florin (lot 1205), and a choice uncirculated 1932 florin (lot 1291). A standout offering is a collection of world and British gold coins, formed by the late William Rado, to be featured at the end of the eleventh session and during the seventh session respectively. A fifth portion of a collection of world coins by Yeoman types is highlighted by a Belgium proof five francs of 1866 (lot 2206).


World banknotes include Straits Settlements, Malaya, Singapore, and Lebanon collections, all formed by the late John Melick. Australian banknotes in the fifteenth session are highlighted by some outstanding private bank issues, superscribed issues on the Bank of New South Wales, and pre decimal and decimal specimen notes.


The military and life saving medal groups in the thirteenth session are highlighted by a Military Cross and two bar group (lot 3538), a Civil AC  for Sir Peter Abeles (lot 3558), a Camel Corps DSO group (lot 3388), a George Medal group (lot 3609), and a Bravery Medal – Stanhope gold medal group (lot 3610).


The Edward VIII (Prince of Wales) Collection has been extensively illustrated and comprises over one hundred lots, including many bulk lots, all put together very carefully by the late Ian McCutcheon of Tauranga, New Zealand. Another large medal collection is that formed by the late Terry Davidson of Brisbane. Many other collectors who have made contributions to this sale are named in this catalogue, while others remain anonymous.


The size and scope of this auction is a rare event and participation should not be missed. I look forward to being of personal assistance at the viewing and at the auction, along with other members of our dedicated team.


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