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Lot 3061    SESSION 11 (9.30AM THURSDAY 4TH APRIL)    Greek Silver & Bronze Coins

Estimate $120

SYRIA, Seleucis and Pieria, Antiochia ad Orontem, (Antioch), Otho, (A.D. 69), AE as, 26mm, (13.00 g), obv. laureate head right, below a countermark of Athena in a rectangular block, rev. S C within laurel wreath, (S.687, RPC 4318, McAlee 321b, for c/m Howgego 245 (noted for Otho, 5 examples reported). Very good, countermark very fine, rare.

Ex RJM Collection, previously acquired from Palladium (David Michaels) July 11, 1995 (lot 1152) with tickets.

The Athena countermark appears on several issues of the bronzes from Antioch mint and Howgego suggests, because of the connection of Domitian with Minerva, that this is an imperial countermark. He believes it was applied at Antioch between A.D. 83 and A.D.96. It has no denominational significance as it occurs on both denominations of SC coinage. This coin is lacking legend because of wear but is obviously Otho's portrait.

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