Greek Silver & Bronze Coins


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Lot 2987    SESSION 7 (9.30AM THURSDAY 30TH JULY)    Greek Silver & Bronze Coins

Estimate $160
SOLD $110

MACEDON, Aigai (Aigai), (500-480 B.C.), silver trihemiobol or one eighth stater, (0.91 g), obv. goat kneeling to right, looking back, dot above and in front, rev. quadripartite incuse square, (S.1293, cf.BMC 4, SNG Cop. 31); Euboia, Histaia, (3rd-2nd century B.C.), silver tetrobol, (2.05 g), obv. head of nymph Histaia to right, wreathed with vine, hair rolled, rev. nymph Histaia seated to right on on galley, around **IS TIAEWN*, (cf.S.2496, cf.BMC 93); Sicily, Syracuse, after Timoleon, (336-317 B.C.), AE 17, (4.83 g), obv. laureate Apollo head left, in front **SURAKOSIWN*, rev. Pegasus flying to left, (S.-, Calciati 85 p.199); Elymais, Kingdom of, Orodes II, (c.A.D. 130-147), billon drachm, (3.81 g), obv. facing bust with tiara, in right field an anchor with crossbar and crescent above, rev. field filled with dashes, (S.5905, BMC 19-58 [p.262-265], Laffaille 604). Toning, fine - very fine, scarce. (4)

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