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Lot 1471    SESSION 7 (11.30AM WEDNESDAY 24TH MARCH)    World Silver & Bronze Coins N - Z

Estimate $200
SOLD $300

SOUTH AFRICA, Cape Town, University of Cape Town, 3d red and 1/- blue in coloured celluloid or plastic (T.C12 set 1; M.280, 286) a larger series 1d in black, 3d in red and 1/- in blue, the initial misprinted "U.T.C." instead of U.C.T. (T.C12 set 2; M.293, 298, 302; Hern 616a,d,q,k,m) undated but circa 1945; H.A.Bam and Co, wine merchants, no value stated, in cupro-nickel, faintly milled edge, almost plain (T.C15; M.7; Hern 36a) undated but used circa 1880's til 1906 (2); E.K.Green and Co no value stated but exchanged for 1d on return of empty bottle, undated but circa 1900 in bronze with milled edge (5) another countermarked P, another countermarked X; E.K.Green and Co Ltd in bronze, plain edge, short MERCHANTS (14mm), another countermarked A (twice), another countermarked X, long (17mm) (3), another countermarked 4, another countermarked A, in brass, merchants (15mm), another countermarked O, another countermarked X; a total of 18 pieces (Hern 252a); Royal Wine Store, Wynberg, in aluminium 3d, circa 1900 (T.C22; M.320; Hern 476a); Harold Sedgwick, Wine Merchant, in brass, centrehole no value stated circa 1920; J.Sedwick & Co Ltd., in aluminium no value stated, circa 1945 (T.C25; M.188; Hern 498a)(illus); S.Selzer, Parow Hotel 2d in brass (T.C26; M.508; Hern 502a) undated but circa 1940; The Van Ryn Wine and Spirit Company Limited 1d in brass (2), 2d in brass (2) (T.C28, type I; M.305, 307; Hern 626a,b,c) spelt LTD, 3d in brass (3) (T.C28 type II; M.-); J.Lawley and Co, advertising ticket in brass (T.C36; M.158; Hern 328a) undated but circa 1880. Very fine - extremely fine, the last scarce. (35)

Ex W.J.Noble Sale 61B (lot 1568) and Mark E.Freehill Collections, most ex R.J.Ford Collection (lot 910 part) or Spink Sale 96 (lot 363 part) some of the Green and Co ex R.G.Stewart and G.Patterson Collections.

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