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Lot 2961    SESSION 11 (9.30AM THURSDAY 4TH APRIL)    Greek Silver & Bronze Coins

Estimate $200
SOLD $160

SPAIN, Lerida Lower Ebro Area, Kelse (Celsa), AE Unit, AE 28, after 133 B.C., (15.32 g), obv. male head right with dolphin behind and two dolphins in front, dotted border, rev. Horseman galloping right, holding palm, above exergual line Iberian legend 'kelse', (S.22, SNG BMC 797 [Pl.33], SNG Sweden 6, 730-749 [Pl.38-39], CNH 11 [p.223], Vives, Pl.LII, 5, SNG Munich 77 [Pl.4], SNG Cop. 307-308 [Pl.XV]) (illustrated); Belikio, (1st century A.D.), AE 25, (8.34 g), obv. earded male head facing right, rev. warrior on horseback right brandishing spear, (ACIP 1433); Titiakos, (150-100 B.C.), AE 24, (9.11 g), obv. bare head right, Iberian 'TI' behind, rev. warrior on horseback right, holding spear, Iberian TITIAKOS below, (ACIP 1898); ^Ilipense, (50 B.C.), AE 22, (6.56 g), obv. stalk of wheat, rev. fish right, (ACIP 2338). Toned, fine - good fine and scarce. (4)

First coin ex Noble Numismatics Sale 83, lot 3200, others from Calico and Jean Elsen, Brussels. With collector's descriptions.

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