Roman Silver & Bronze - Roman Imperial


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Lot 3209    SESSION 11 (9.30AM THURSDAY 4TH APRIL)    Roman Silver & Bronze - Roman Imperial

Estimate $300
SOLD $550

TITUS, (A.D. 79-81), silver denarius, Rome mint, issue of A.D. 79, (3.28 g), obv. IMP TITVS CAES VESPASIAN AVG PM, laureate head to right, rev. TR P VIIII [IMP XIIII] COS VII P P, slow quadriga to left, in which are corn ears, (S.2506, RIC 6, BMC p.224, RSC 276) (illustrated); another, in honour of Vespasian, (A.D. 79-81), issue of A.D. 80, (2.95 g), obv. DIVVS AVGVSTVS VESPASIANVS, laureate head to right, rev. SC on circular shield supported by two capricorns back to back, globe below, (S.2569, RIC 63, RSC 497 [Vespasian], BMC 131 [Titus]) (illustrated); another, (3.33 g), rev. tripod with fillets, above a dolphin to right on wreath, flanked by raven left and right (S.2518, RIC II 131, BMC 80, RSC 323a); another, (3.16 g), rev. radiate figure on rostral column, (S.2509, RIC 46, RSC 289); another, (3.42 g), rev. Ceres holding torch and corn ears, (S.2437, RIC 219, BMC 321); another, (3.38 g), rev. ANNONA AVG, Annona seated to left, (S.2436, RIC V218, BMC V319, RSC 17). Toned, fine - very fine. (6)

Ex Dr V.J.A. Flynn Collection. First coin previously Noble Numismatics Sale 98, lot 5320. Second coin with ticket from Silberman dated 28 January 1958.

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