Lot 1483    SESSION 6 (9.30AM WEDNESDAY 20TH NOV)    Stamps

Estimate $200
SOLD $460

AFRICA, selected stamps on sheets and Hagner cards from Sierra Leone including 6d lilac (SG4), 2/- and 5/- QV (SG 51, 52, CV £120), 5/- EVII, etc; British Bechuanaland, sets and part sets from QV various as O/P on GB stamps mint and used, short sets of KGV - 1966; Swaziland, KGVI short set and set to £1, Independence set 1968 to 2r etc; Gambia, various sets QV to 1/- with duplication, KGV short sets, KGVI set to 4/- etc; British East Africa Company issues including 2,3 and 4 rupees; British Somaliland QV O/P 12 annas, 1 rupee, Kenya Uganda Tanganyika, various including 1938 10/- (3) (SG 149), 1960 QEII 10/-, 20/-, 1922 3/- and 10/- specimens (SG 90s, 94s) etc on leaves including Tanzania, Zambia and Uganda issues to 1970; Tanganyika, 1922 5/- mint, 10/- used watermark sideways (SG 87 CV?400) (illustrated), set to 3/- (SG 74-85); Southern Nigeria, QV part sets to 1/- mint; St Vincent, QV 1d, 4d, 6d used, and others including Yemen and Seychelles QV 36c / 45c and 48c Specimen (SG 27, 7s). MUH, mint and used. (100s)

Ex Dr C.Haymes Collection.

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