Great Britain Gold


Lot 2622    SESSION 10 (7.30PM WEDNESDAY 20TH NOV)    Great Britain Gold

Estimate $1,000
SOLD $1,200

ANCIENT BRITISH, Catuvellauni, Andoco (c10 BC - 10 AD), gold quarter stater, (1.36g), Crescent Wreath Type, obv. crossed-wreath motif with back-to-back crescents in centre, [A]NDO in angles, rev. full-bodied horse left with beaded mane, phallic bucranium above, wheel below (S.263, BMC Hobbs 2015-17, Van Arsdell 1863). Good very fine, obverse die break, neat flan, great horse with clear bucranium and wheel, very rare.

Ex Noble Numismatics Sale 118, (lot 1302) and Sale 113 (lot 4216) and previously from Stephen Cole (Salamanca Rare Coins), Hobart, December 10, 2005, bought from CNG (Classical Numismatics Group) Mail bid Sale 66, May 19, 2004 (lot 35) and noted to be found near Royston, Hertfordshire.

Nothing is known of Andoco except that he was apparently an associate of Tasciovanos and ruled only for a brief period. All his coins are very rare.

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