Ceylon - Luxembourg


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Lot 1819    SESSION 4 (9.30AM WEDNESDAY 29TH JULY)    Ceylon - Luxembourg

Estimate $1,000
SOLD $1,700

FRANCE, Louis XV, silver ecus 1727A (KM.486.1), 1774A (KM.551.1); Louis XVI, 1783M (KM.564.10); silver five francs, First Republic, La 6 K (1795), Napoleon Premier Consul AN12 (1801) (KM.659.1); Napoleon Emperor, 1811A, 1812I (2) (KM.694.1.7), Louis XVIII, 1814M (KM.702.9), 1816A, 1824A, 1824K (KM.711.1,.7); CHarles X, 1827B, 1828W (KM.728.2,.13); Louis Philippe, 1831A, 1832W, 1832B, 1833D, 1833K, 1834M, 1834BB, 1834T, 1835A, 1835B, 1838MA, 1841B, 1841W (2), 1842B, 1843W, 1844W, 1845W, 1846W; Second Republic, 1848A (2), 1849A (KM.756), 1849A, 1851A (KM.761.1); Napoleon III, 1867A (2), 1868BB (2), 1869BB (KM.799); Third Republic, 1873A (2), 1875K, 1876A, 1877A (KM.820), in collector's packets. Fair - extremely fine. (56)

Private purchase from Leon Morel 2007.

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