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Lot 2953    SESSION 7 (9.30AM THURSDAY 30TH JULY)    Greek Silver & Bronze Coins

Estimate $10,000
SOLD $12,000

ITALY, Bruttium, Rhegion, (c.450 B.C. [Arnold-Biucchi chronology]), silver tetradrachm, (16.87 g), obv. lion's head facing, olive branch with fruit to right, within dotted border, rev. Iokastos the traditional founder of the city naked to waist and seated to left, holding staff and resting left hand on hip, all within laurel wreath, legend around, **RHG I NOS*, (cf.S.498, SNG Lockett 651 [this coin Pl.XII], SNG Weber 1115 [this coin p.231-232, pl.43], Herzfelder RN 1956 No.61d [this coin], SNG Lloyd 685 [same dies], Ars Calssica Naville Sale IV June 17-19 1924, lot 184 [this coin] p.12 Pl.VII realised 1000 SFr, Seltman Pl.VIII No.17 [Numismatic Chronicle 1897, same reverse die]). Old cabinet toning, struck from slightly rusted obverse dies, good very fine - nearly extremely fine and very rare.

Ex Robert Tonner Collection. Previously Triton II, lot 135. Also the Moretti private collection, and a Swiss private collection. Also the R.C.Lockett Collection, Glendining Sale October 25 1955, lot 533 illustrated and realised ?105. Ex Sir Hermann Weber Collection no.1116 illustrated. From Ars Classica Sale IV, lot 184, illustrated pl.VII, realised 1000 SFr. Herzfelder in RN notes 8 examples of including this piece.

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