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Lot 1277    SESSION 6 (9.30AM WEDNESDAY 24TH MARCH)    World Silver & Bronze Coins A- M

Estimate $200
Bid at
SOLD $650

CHINA, assorted charms, Ta Chuan Wu Shi (25mm; 4g) (Schjoth 3); Cheng Te Tung Pao (1506-21), Animals around (30mm; 9.70g) (cf Schjoth 23); Cheng Te Tung Pao, Dragon & Phoenix (27mm; 6.98g) (Schjoth 24); Cheng Te Tung Pad (25mm; 7.60g) (cf Schjoth 24); Hanh Chin Wan Liang (27mm; 5.70g) (cf Schjoth 29); Chin Chiang Po Chi, Horse cash (26mm; 5.70g) (Schoth 124); another (45mm; 22.3g) (Schjoth 92); Cheng Pao Tung Te (1506-21), Dragon & Phoenix reverse type (46mm; 19.00g) (cf p204 charm book). In 2x2 holders with collector's notes, fine - very fine. (8)

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