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Lot 1387    SESSION 6 (9.30AM WEDNESDAY 24TH MARCH)    World Silver & Bronze Coins A- M

Estimate $150
SOLD $270

ISLAMIC, Turkoman figural bronze coins, Artuqid of Mardin, Qutb al-din II Ghazi II (572-580 A.H.), AE dirhem, not dated, obv. head to right in square looking upward, (S&S 31.1, Wilkes "Islamic Coins" 1204) (illustrated); Hasam al-din Yuluq Arslan (580-597 A.H.), AE dirham, 589AH, obv. group of four figures, (possibly mourning the death of Saladin in 589), (S&S 35.1, Wilkes); another dated 596AH, helmeted Turk with sword and severed head in hand (S&S 36.1, Wilkes 1209); Ayyubids, Mayyafariqin & Jabal Sinjar, al-Ashraf I Muzaffar al-din Musa (607-617 A.H., 1210-1220), silver dirhams (2), Mayyafiqin mint, 612AH, obv. turbaned prince seated facing holdingglobe in right hand, left hand on hip, rev. legend within and around trilobe, (Album 859.1, Balog 'Ayyubids" 851). Mostly fine - good very fine. (5)

Ex Dr V.J.A. Flynn Collection, previously from A.H. Baldwin & Sons all with their priced tickets.

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