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Lot 1438    SESSION 7 (11.30AM WEDNESDAY 24TH MARCH)    World Silver & Bronze Coins N - Z

Estimate $140
SOLD $260

NORTH AFRICA, Egypt, Cafe Bar Emad El Din/I in brass (26mm); New Cafe Bar Bourse C.D. in centre/1 in brass (26mm); Fantasio Garden, G.Demetriades uniface in brass (25mm); Soleiman Hatem, uniface in brass (30mm) holed at top (illus); Sphinx/KM in brass (23mm)(cf Ford lot 449 reverse crown)(illus); Medina, Emilio Luna around 2 signed A Popert Paris, octagonal in brass (23mm)(illus); Caffe in brass (20mm)(illus); Shampoo Diva (A.H. 1330) in brass (20mm), another no English legend in brass (16mm); Musee Egyptian in aluminium (22mm). Fair - very fine some rare. (10)

The ninth ex G.Patterson Collection in 1977, the others ex Simmons Sale 10 (lot 434 part), ex Noble Numismatics Sale 61 (lot 1727) and Mark E.Freehill Collection.

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