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Lot 1476    SESSION 7 (11.30AM WEDNESDAY 24TH MARCH)    World Silver & Bronze Coins N - Z

Estimate $500
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SOLD $440

SOUTH AFRICA, Cape Province, Cyphergat Coal Co., 2/- in brass (T.C. 41) (Hern 138a); Hermann Soho, one shilling in brass (T.C. 42) (Hern 556a); East London 1d 1880 (T.C. 44) Kat River Co-Op, Ford Beaufort (T.C. 47) (Hern 310a); George, Divisional Council 1, 3/4, 1/2 Day events (T.C. 48) (Hern 226a, b, c); Baileys Golden Valley, set of four 2/-, 1/-, 6d, 3d in celluloid (T.C. 49) (Hern 32a-d) (M. 375, 7-9); Grahamstown, Morris's Hotel 1d 1872 in brass (T.C. 51; Hern 372a); Kimberley, Alexandersfontein Hotel 1/- and 3d in brass (T.C. 18; Hern 10b, d); De Beers Consolidated Mines Ltd 1/-, 6d (2, one stamped Geyer on rev.) (T.C. 57; Hern 78b, 78c (2)); New Gordon Diamond Mining Company 1/- in brass (T.C. 59; Hern 388e); Kamfersdam Diamond Mine 1/- in brass (T.C. 60; Hern 308h); E.D.Drysdale 3d in brass (T.C. 65; Hern 162b); Riverton near Kimberley, The Hotel, set in brass 2/6, 1/-, 6d (T.C. 70; Hern 288a, b, c), in 2x2 holders. Fine - nearly uncirculated. (26)

Ex Mark E.Freehill Collection, eight from C.B.Fox.

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