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Lot 1513    SESSION 7 (11.30AM WEDNESDAY 24TH MARCH)    World Silver & Bronze Coins N - Z

Estimate $200

SOUTH AFRICA, Glencoe, Mine Stores (Natal) Ltd, 1s in cu-nickel (illus) (4), 3d in brass with central hole, no value stated in cu-nickel (29mm)(2), in brass (29mm)(2), another two countermarked F (illus), in copper (illus) (29mm)(2), a similar set of metals but (24mm) cu-nickel (4), brass (illus) and copper (T.N22, 1, 3 - 10; M.60-6; Hern 232a-k), undated but circa 1918-27, celluloid issues used 1927-36, MS 28mm black, green (3) and red (2), MS 22mm green (2) and red (2), ZNC monogram red 28.5mm (T.N22 a, c, M.66-71 range incomplete), JNC monogram brown 28.5mm (T.N22d) (Hern 232a). Fine - uncirculated, a few scarce or rare. (31)

Ex W.J.Noble Sale 61B (lot 1616) and Mark E.Freehill Collections, ex R.J.Ford (lot 910 part) Collection, Spink Sale 96 (lot 374) and the third ex D&W Sale 29 May 1996 (lot 380 part), a type one shilling ex G.Patterson Collection in 1977.

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