Police Badges & Accessories


Lot 1898    SESSION 8 (2.30PM WEDNESDAY 24TH MARCH)    Police Badges & Accessories

Estimate $70
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SOLD $90

WORLD, includes Isle of Man police cap badge (QC) in chromed nickel (29x47.5mm), clutch grip pin; Sarawak Police cap badge in nickel silver (36x35mm), lug back; Scotland Police hat badge (QC) in nickel silver (36x46mm), lug back; South Wales Police hat badge (QC) in chromed nickel and enamel (92x116mm), screw back; States of Jersey police collar badge in chromed nickel (21x34mm), lug back; United Nations officer's beret badge in gold bullion on blue wool backing (small size, 51mm with backing); another beret badge in gilt and enamel (53x46.5mm), pin back. The last with a few small enamel chips, otherwise very fine, the rest extremely fine - uncirculated. (7)

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