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Lot 2835    SESSION 12 (11.30AM THURSDAY 25TH MARCH)    Ancient Gold - Greek

Estimate $8,000
SOLD $5,000

BAKTRIA, Kingdom of, Diodotos II, (256-239 B.C.), gold stater, (8.30 g), Bactra (Balkh) mint, (Newell suggests c.255-246 B.C.), in name of Antiochus II, obv. diademed head of Diodotus II to right, dotted border, rev. Zeus striding to left, aegis on his extended left arm, wielding a thunderbolt, at his feet an eagle to left, N above, to right **BASILEWS* and to left **ANTIOXOY*, (S.7497, SC 629, Newell ESM 713 (p.246, Pl.LIII, 5), M.66b [p.40 Vol.I], Kritt C2, mint A, Bop. Series 1, 147. M.63, HGC 9, 233 [R2]). Nearly extremely fine/extremely fine, with minor test cut on head, very rare.

Ex Baldwin's Auctions, London, Sale 31, October 10, 2002 (lot 62).
One of the rarer and earlier issues of Baktria, described by Bopearachchi as a unique commemorative coin (SNG ANS 9 page opposite plate 5). More coins were found in the late 20th century in a hoard. The type was struck in the name of Antiochos II but with the portrait depicting the physiognomy of Diodotos and his reverse type (Zeus striding to left) shows that it is Antiochos II who is commemorated and not Seleucos II and consequently provides the view that it was under Antiochos II that Baktria became an independent kingdom. This means that it was towards the middle of the third century B.C. (c.250 B.C.) that Diodotos, the satrap of Baktria and Sogdiana revolted against his Seleucid master and proclaimed himself king. Thus was born the Graeco-Baktrian kingdom.

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