Greek Silver & Bronze Coins


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Lot 2480    SESSION 11 (9.30AM THURSDAY 25TH NOV)    Greek Silver & Bronze Coins

Estimate $200
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SOLD $340

ITALY, Calabria, Tarentum (Taras), (3rd century B.C.), silver drachm, (3.08 g), obv. head of Athena wearing crested helmet ornamented with Skylla to right, rev. owl with closed wings standing to right, TAP on left, spray of leaves on right, (cf.S.377, Vl.1052); Caria, Myndos, (mid 2nd century B.C.), silver hemidrachm (2.15 g), Menodotos magistrate, obv. wreathed head of young Dionysos right, rev. winged thunderbolt, [MH]NODOTOS below, above MYN**DIW*N, (cf.S.4917, cf.SNG Keckman 242 var. (different magistrate, name on AE Keckman 245); Ionia, Miletos, (c.530-510 B.C.), silver twelfth stater or obol, (1.13 g), obv. forepart of lion and legs to right, rev. star ornament within incuse square, (S.3532, BMC 14). Last with hoard patina, others bright mostly very fine, second rare, first two illustrated. (3)

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