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Lot 2483    SESSION 11 (9.30AM THURSDAY 25TH NOV)    Greek Silver & Bronze Coins

Estimate $300
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SOLD $220

THRACE, Serdica, Caracalla, AE 29, (16.00 g), issued (214-217 A.D.), obv. AVT K M AVPH ANTNINOC, laureate head to right, rev. OV**LPIA C CEP**D*IKHC, Caracalla on horseback riding to right, thrusting spear at Parthian kneeling to right, looking back and raising his left hand, (S.-, Varbanov 2299, H&J, Serdica; Ruzicka -). Extremely fine with dark green patina, very rare, in attractive condition for the issue.

Ex CNG Triton V, January 15-16, 2002, (lot 2519 part).
A similar example in Roma Numismatics, Auction XXI, March 24, 2001 (lot 383) realised ?1100 (approx $1500US).

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