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Lot 2528    SESSION 11 (9.30AM THURSDAY 25TH NOV)    Greek Silver & Bronze Coins

Estimate $7,500
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SOLD $11,000

EUBOIA, Eretria, silver didrachm or stater, (c.510-490 B.C.), (Sear), or (500-465 B.C.), (BCD), (8.54 g), obv. cow standing to right, head turned back, scratching itself with right hind-hoof, E below, rev. sepia or octapus within incuse square, (S.1822 (p.181), BMC 23 (p.121, cf.PL.XXIII, 3 different dies), Traite 1071 (Pl.XXXII,2), SNG Stockholm 1431 (same Reverse Die), Y.E. Hindamian (Ciani/Vinchon Sale 8.2.56 lot 443 (This Coin), BCD Collection No.312 (This Coin, HGC 4, 1505 [R]). Toned, good very fine and very rare.

Ex BCD collection, Numismatik Lanz Munchen, Sale 111 November 25, 2002 [lot 312] and previously from the Y.E. Hindamian Collection, sold in P.Ciani and J.Vinchon Sale, on 8 February 1956 [lot 443, sold for 23,000 FFR +21.2%, est 8-10,000 Ffr.], and subsequently to the W.P. Wallace Collection, with tickets and photos.
A variety with the normal E.

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