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Lot 2531    SESSION 11 (9.30AM THURSDAY 25TH NOV)    Greek Silver & Bronze Coins

Estimate $8,000
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SOLD $5,500

EUBOIA, Eretria, silver stater, (411-404 B.C.), (Wallace claims 405-404 B.C.), (11.83 g), (Aeginatic standard), obv. head of nymph Euboia to right, hair rolled, wearing round earring, rev. Cow seated to right, bunch of grapes above, [E]YB below all within incuse square, (cf.S.2462 [p.231, This Coin referenced], Wallace 10 Group 2 obv.V, rev.4 (NN&M 134, p.139 notes 9 coins from these dies including This Coin twice [Naville IV & Weber]), Weber 3389 (p.329, Pl.127 This Coin); Num. Chron. 1892 (p.191 and Pl. XV, 12, This Coin), Head Hist. Num. 1911 p.362 (This Coin), BCD (Lanz 111 [lot 3-5 similar dies, lot 4 hammer realised 15,500 and lot 5 for 5,250 Euros]), Ward 492 (Same Dies), BMC :1952 (from 1951 hoard, photo of rev.), BM Quarterly June 1953 [Pl.XV,7]), 47 (p.110, cf.Pl.XX,10) and Wartenberg 'After Marathon' No.53 [p.53], HGC 4, 1412 [R]). Good fine, cut across cheek, very rare.

Sold Noble Numismatics Auction Sale 97 July 26-28 2011 (lot 3291) from the Miles Condon Collection, previously Noble Numismatics Auction Sale 73 8-10 July 2003 (lot 3276) for $4500; also Noble Numismatics Auction Sale 60 April 21-23, 1999 (lot 1842) for $4800. Previous numismatic history ex W.T. Ready Sale 1892, ex Weber Collection (3389), ex Naville Sale IV (548, sold 420 SFr.), ex Brand, Sotheby Sale (Part 5), Feb. 1, 1984 (lot 138 Illustrated on Plate V), also the coin is the described coin in Head, Historia Nummorum (p.362).
Seldom does such a rare coin appear on the market with such an impressive record of pedigree and reference in the literature. A very simliar coin in extremely fine condition realised 60,000 SFr in NAC Auction 124, 23 June 2021 (lot 142).

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