Greek Silver & Bronze Coins


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Lot 2532    SESSION 11 (9.30AM THURSDAY 25TH NOV)    Greek Silver & Bronze Coins

Estimate $250
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SOLD $340

EUBOIA, Histiaia, (c.4th-3rd century B.C.), AE, types C and D from the BCD Collection, type C, (2.93 g), obv. head of nymph Histiaia right wreathed in grapes, rev. cow standing to right, vine with two bunches of grapes, **ISTI* in exergue, (S.2499, cf.Lanz, BCD Catalogue No.111, 446 (Illustrated, HGC 4, 1530 [S]); another similar (4.60 g) BCD 441 (Ex Lockett Collection, illustrated); type D, obv. similar, rev. cow forepart to right with various symbols, (all these are illustrated) (HGC 4, 1535), BCD 469 (grapes) (1.73 g), BCD 496 pair of grape bunches (1.93 g), BCD 504 (tripod) (1.59 g), BCD 501 (trophy and grapes) (1.16 g), filleted cow head facing (HGC 4, 1538), BCD 532 (grapes left) (2.12 g); others not illustrated are BCD 465 (grapes), 468 (2 bunches of grapes above), 495 (similar), 499 (thunderbolt above), 502 (club above), 506 (caduceus), 510 (Herme or Tem above), 530 type with cow head facing **ISTI* above (grapes to left). Most with some porosity, several lightly toned, mostly fine a few better. (15)

Ex BCD Collection all with his descriptive round tickets with pedigrees for each coin. These are duplicates of his collection that was sold by Numismatik Lanz in Auktion 111, 25 November 2002 and numbers noted are types like the lot numbers in that sale.

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