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EGYPT, Kingdom of, Ptolemy III Euergetes, (246-222 B.C.), gold octadrachm or mnaeion, (27.71 g), Alexandria mint, commemorative issue struck under Ptolemy IV 221-205 B.C. obv. radiate diadem bust of Ptolemy III to right, wearing aegis with trident over left shoulder, middle prong ends in lotus finial, dotted border, rev. radiate and filleted cornucopiae, **DI* below dotted border, around **PTOLEMAIOU BASILEWS*, (S.7825, Sv.1117, BMC 103-4 [p.56], SNG Cop.196). Well centred, nearly extremely fine, with some underlying mint bloom and rare.

In a slab by NGC graded XF, Strike 5/5, Surface 3/5, Fine Style.
Ptolemy IV struck an extensive series of octadrachms for his father Ptolemy III, portraying him with the divine attributes of Helios (with the radiate diadem), Zeus (the aegis), and Poseidon (the trident and with the middle prong modified with the addition of the Egyptian lotus tip). The concentration of such symbols is intended to show Ptolemy III as the master of the three elements: heaven, earth and sea. The radiate crown above the cornucopia on the reverse is another distinctive feature of Ptolemy III's iconography, and was later adopted by his grandson, Ptolemy V.

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