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FAMILY GROUP TO FOUR BROTHERS - ONE KIA, Two WIA, One Killed in Australia: Single (Killed by Brother): Queen's South Africa Medal 1899 (type 3 reverse), - two clasps - Orange Free State, Transvaal. 184 Pte A.M.Nicoll. Queensland I.B. Impressed.; Trio to WIA: Queen's South Africa Medal 1899 (type 3 reverse), - three clasps - Cape Colony, Transvaal, South Africa 1902; British War Medal 1914-18; Victory Medal 1914-19. 823 Tpr: (R. faded) R.M.Nicoll. Aus: Com: H. on first medal, 100 L/Cpl R.McQ.H.Nicoll. 41 Bn. A.I.F. on last two medals. The first medal impressed and engraved and the last two medals impressed.; Trio to KIA: 1914-15 Star; British War Medal 1914-18; Victory Medal 1914-19. 1028 Pte R.M.Nicoll. 25/Bn A.I.F. on second medal, 1028 T-Sgt. R.M.Nicoll. 25-Bn. A.I.F. on last two medals. All medals impressed.; Pair to WIA (Killed his Brother): British War Medal 1914-18; Victory Medal 1914-19. 7835 Pte A.D.Nicoll. 15 Bn. A.I.F. Both medals impressed.; Very fine - extremely fine. (4 groups and a single)

Together with a circular fibre compound dog tag for 7835 Nicoll. A D.; circular fibre compound dog tag and a hexagonal fibre compound dog tag, both for 100 R M H Nicoll.

184 Pte Alaric McDonald Nicoll, 6 Queensland Imperial Bushmen. Killed by his brother, Andrew, in 1905.

823 Pte Reginald Macquarrie (note that on the attestation form this is how the name is spelt with 2 r's) Nicoll, 1 Bn, Australian Commonwealth Horse, drover and horsebreaker, age 21, born at Ipswich. Qld; attested for service in South Africa 02Jan1902 at Brisbane, Qld. WWI: originally allocated number 96 but this altered to 100. Medals were issued with number 96 but Nicoll sent them back and requested that they have the correct number 100. This was done and the medals returned to him. Reginald McQuarrie Haygarth Nicoll (note now with third name), now working as a stockman, age 33; Enl.25Jan1916 at Brisbane, Qld, with 6 months previous service in South Africa; to A Sqn 14LHR 24Mar1916; Emb.12May1916; TOS 41Bn 23Sep1916; to France 24Nov1916; to L/Cpl 12Mar1917; WIA 28Mar1918 GSW right buttock severe, France; Disch.18Dec1918 in England and granted furlough; RTA 25Mar1919.

1028 Robert Macquarie Nicoll, porter with Qld Govt Railway, age 27, born at Beaudesert, Qld; Enl.23Mar1915 at Brisbane, Qld, with 6 1/ 2 years in R.A.G.A.; Emb.29Jun1915; to Gallipoli 04Sep1915; to be Sgt 03Dec1915; reverts to ranks 10Jan1916; to France 19Mar1916; to Cpl 07May1916; KIA 29Jul1916, France; Buried on Pozieres battlefield.

7835 Andrew David Nicoll, stockman, age 38, born at Casino, NSW; Enl.10Sep1917 at Brisbane, Qld in 26Rfts 9Bn; Emb.31Oct1917; to France 01Apr1918; TOS 15Bn 17Apr1918; WIA 25Jun1918, shrapnel wound right thigh, France; Rejoined unit 18Sep1918; RTA 01Jul1919; Disch.14Sep1919. Killed his brother, Alaric, in 1905.

Two brothers argue and one is killed. In January 1906 Andrew David Nicoll was accused of murdering his brother, Alaric McDonald Nicoll, on Boxing Day, 26 December 1905 and was committed for trial. The accused pleaded not guilty. The case for the Crown was to the effect that the accused, the deceased and another brother were camped in a hut at Yore's selection at Allen's Creek near Beaudesert previous to the taking of a ringbarking contract. During the absence of the younger brother, Reginald, who left to set some snares, the other two quarrelled and Alaric was shot. Reginald heard the gun shot and just afterwards heard Andrew coo-ee. He ran back and when he got within sight he saw Andrew standing 50 yards from the hut and on getting closer he saw Alaric lying on the ground. When asked what happened Andrew replied, 'We were fooling with the gun, and it went off'. During the court case there were more detailed disclosures of the argument between Alaric and Andrew and that this simple explanation was not true. The Crown Prosecutor said the jury would have to decide whether the charge was wilful murder, manslaughter, or accidental homicide.

After a short retirement, the jury returned with a verdict of manslaughter, with a strong recommendation to mercy on the ground of prisoner's previous good character. The jury were of the opinion that the discharge of the gun was accidental, but the prisoner was engaged in an unlawful quarrel. Andrew Nicoll was sentenced to three years' imprisonment, with hard labour; but the sentence was suspended under the provisions of section 656 of the Criminal Code, accused to enter into a bond of one hundred pounds and to be of good behaviour for that period.

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