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MSM GROUP OF FOUR WITH MID: Army Meritorious Service Medal (GVR); 1914-15 Star; British War Medal 1914-18; Victory Medal 1914-19 with MID. 290 R.S.Mjr: W.Baker. 7/Aust:Inf: on first medal, 290 C/Sjt W.Baker.7/Bn. A.I.F. (note 7 adjusted over 8) on second medal, 290 WO.(1) W.Baker. 7 Bn. A.I.F. on third medal, 290 WO. 1 W.Baker. 7 Bn. A,I,F, on last medal. All medals impressed. Display mounted, the first medal out of order, toned good very fine.

MSM: LG 17/6/1918, p7178; CAG 7/11/1918, p2113, to 290 Regimental Sergeant Major William Baker 7Bn.

Recommended for Military Cross (As WO Baker was not an officer, presumably this was the recommendation that resulted in the award of the MSM): For consistent good work and devotion to duty as R.S.M. during the period 22 Sept. 1917 to 24th February 1918. East of Ypres during the attack on 4th Oct. 1917 this Warrant Officer did remarkably good work. Whilst the Bn. was assembled for attack, heavy enemy barrage, causing many casualties amongst the carrying party. W.O. Baker reorganized the carrying parties and succeeded in getting all the material, ammunition and bombs forward. His behavior (sic) under these circumstances not only set a splendid example to the men, but did much towards keeping them steady. For period from 22nd September 1917 to the night of 24/25th February 1918.

MID: LG 1/6/1917, p5421; CAG 4/10/1917, p2623, to 290 Warrant Officer Class 1 William Baker 7Bn.

Recommendation: At Ypres, Gueudecourt, and Flers Sectors, from September, 1916, to February, 1917, Warrant Officer Baker has shown the greatest attention and devotion to duty by organising and controlling ration and S.A.A. parties under many difficulties, such as heavy shell fire and very severe winter conditions. He never once failed to get his hot food rations and S.A.A. parties up to the front line. This Warrant Officer has at all times set a fine example to the N.C.O's and men of his Battalion, both in the trenches and in billets.
(Note: S.A.A. is abbreviation for Small Arms Ammunition.)

William baker, collar maker, age 32, born at New Zealand; Enl.17Aug1914 at Essendon, Vic, with previous service of 9 years 5 Aust Infy, 3 years Ballarat Infy, and currently serving 58 Infy; to Colour Sgt 17Aug1914; to CSM 19Aug1914; Emb.21Oct1914; to Gallipoli 05Apr1915; WIA 25Apr1915, GSW spine, on landing day at Gallipoli; rejoined unit 27Jul1915; WIA 01Sep1915 at Lone Pine, Gallipoli; rejoined unit 17Sep1915; to RSM 17Jan1916; to WO1 15Feb1916; to France 31Mar1916; RTA 24Sep1918 for Special Leave (1914 Personnel); Disch.14Jan1919 Medically Unfit, GSW knee and gassed.

With copy of Service File and comprehensive other research.

See also Lots 2165 and 2182 to family members. William Baker was brother to James Baker and uncle to Donald James Baker.

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