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Lot 4106    SESSION 16 (9.30AM FRIDAY 29TH JULY)    Ancient Gold - Greek

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SYRIA, Kingdom of, Antiochos II Theos. 261-246 B.C., gold Stater (8.58 g), die orientation 11h, Sardes mint, obv. helmeted head of Athena right wearing a Corinthian helmet, ornamented with a coil serpent, rev. Nike standing left, holding wreath and palm branch, two control monograms separated below. **BASILEWS* to right, AN TIOXOY, (S.-, SC 517 = Leu 83, 6th May 2002, (lot 378), (it realised 11,750 SFr.) = Gorny & Mosch 64, 11 October 1993, (lot 209 [same dies]), HGC 9, 227 [R3]). Very fine, scattered light marks, the second known stater of Antiochos II from Sardes, and consequently of greatest rarity.

Ex Greg Melick SC Collection, previously from Noble Numismatics Auction Sale 89 (lot 3746).
The great rarity of the 'Alexander type' staters issued in the name of another ruler has been well established. The issue from Sardes occurs for Antiochos II for only two staters (including this example). Others of this ruler are known for Miletos and Susa mints. Antiochos I issued an example for Susa mint. A range of mints issued similar coins for Seleukos I and a solitary example for Seleukos II probably for Kommagene mint and a similar examples for Alexandreia Troas mint for Antiochos Hierax and Antiochos III for Aspendos mint. Issues of several Macedonian kings also occur beside the common issues of Philip III, they include Lysimachos from several mints all very rare, Demetrios Poliorketes and Antigonos Gonatas ($65,000 in 2012).

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