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Lot 1740    Session 6 (9.30am Thursday)    Greek Silver & Bronze

Estimate $750
SOLD $1,400

PHOENICIA, Byblos, king `Uzzib`l (Azbaal), (365-350 B.C.), silver dishekel or seqel, (13.26 grams), obv. war galley travelling to left with lion's head prow and three hoplites with round shields, hippocamp to left below, Phoenician Z above tail, rev. bull kneeling left attacked by lion on top of it, almost a full Phoenician legend above [Azbaal melek Gebal], (S.6012; cf.BMC 4; cf.Traite II, 871, Pl.117, 21-2; cf.ACNAC Dewing 2662; cf.Rouvier 641; cf.Betylon 14 [p.118]; cf.Leu Num. 72, May 1998 lot 312 similar dies [realised 2530 SFr.]). Good very fine, a very rare variant.

This coin has a clear and very sharp obverse and nearly complete ethnic in Phoenician script on the reverse. This is a type with an ethnic on obverse above the hippocamp and a much rarer variant than the OZ ethnic.

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