How to Bid

Please note, as of October 2021 we have moved to a unified bidding platform Clients who have not previously registered at must do so using that platform to place bids at future sales.

We provide the following methods of bidding. If you are new to us we require you to open an account via

Please read our terms and conditions before making any bids.

Absentee bids

Bids can be submitted with us via mail, fax or email. We must receive these bids 24 hours before the first day of the auction. The bid must be the maximum amount for that lot. Bids will then be executed on behalf of clients by a Noble Numismatics representative.

Online bids

After you have registered an account and have been approved for online bidding please browse the catalogue and any item you wish to bid on, then press the ‘Place Bid’ button. Bidding starts at 60% of the auction estimate. The amount you leave must be the maximum amount you are prepared to pay for that item. If you are outbid then you receive email communication making you aware of this. Bidding closes before the start of each session at the time specified on our website. Bids will then be executed on behalf of clients by a Noble Numismatics representative on the day of the auction.

Live Bidding

To participate in live bidding please register via

Bidding as Agent

Anyone bidding as Agent for someone else must supply a written and duly signed letter/email as authority for them to bid on behalf of the other person. The letter/email must contain the other person’s name, address and phone number and the name of the person acting as their agent.

Bidding in Person

Our auctions are held in the Dixson Room at the State Library of New South Wales.

We will require you to complete a bidding registration form with your name, address, email and contact phone number. We will then provide you with a numbered bidding card.

Please be aware that we may already have bids from other clients via the methods above.

Results of the sale will be published on our website after each session has been completed.