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BRAVERY AWARDS TO TASMANIAN POLICE OFFICER: George Medal (EIIR Dei Gratia); Royal Humane Society of Australasia Silver Medal with ribbon brooch bar. Hilton Frank Alomes on first medal, H.F.Alomes 1.3.59 on reverse of second medal. Both medals officially engraved. The suspension loop on the first medal is distorted, otherwise uncirculated. (2)

Together with cases for both medals; two framed photos each featuring H.F.Alomes in police service; five large albums of the most comprehensive record of a medal recipient ever seen, and featuring newspaper clippings, photos, documents, and reports relating not only to the above awards but to Constable Alomes career with the Tasmania Police Force, noted one handwritten letter dated 28 November 1960 to Constable Alomes from Lord Rowallan, Governor of Tasmania advising of the award by Her Majesty to him of the George Medal for his gallantry and devotion in the rescue operations during the floods in the Derwent Valley. Similar letters of congratulations are noted from other important people including the Commissioner of Tasmania Police. Also noted an official, printed invitation from the Commissioner of Police for Inspector H.F.Alomes (G.M.) and Mrs Alomes to attend a reception for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and His Royal Highness Prince Philip The Duke of Edinburgh at the Police Academy Rokeby 5 October 1981.

GM: Tasmanian Gazette Vol.CCXV 30/11/1960, No.13,520, to Constable Hilton Frank Alomes.

Citation: On the night of April 22-April 23, the Derwent River and its tributary, the Styx River, overflowed their banks simultaneously causing a record flood of unprecedented rapidity, and bridges, roads, buildings and houses were swept away.

Because of darkness, the violent current, estimated at 15 knots, and floating debris, which included logs, timber and buildings, obstructions such as tree tops and articles floating under water, dead stock, entangled masses of hop poles and wires, and live high tension cables, the acts of rescue were carried out under extremely hazardous conditions.

Constable Hilton Frank Alomes, who was the police officer at Bushy Park, first warned residents of the district of the possibility of flood, and during its event set forth at 2 a.m. on April 23 in a small boat to give assistance in answer to cries of distress.

After being swept away by the current Constable Alomes, with a companion, succeeded in checking his craft, and at daybreak worked his boat back to the scene of greater danger to effect a hazardous rescue. Without regard to the wet and cold he directed and took part in other rescue operations. Constable Alomes then applied himself without thought of rest to the relief of distress, and by his leadership and example made a major contribution to the establishment of good order throughout the whole district.

The George Medal presentation was made by Lord Rowallan, His Excellency the Governor of Tasmania on 23 June 1961 at Government House, Hobart, Tasmania

RHSA Silver Medal: For rescue of John Bitte from the foot of a waterfall in the Professor Range-Henty River area on 1st and 2nd March 1959. Sergeant C.W.Byrne and Dr J.W.Wirtz who assisted in this rescue were also awarded the Society's Silver Medal.

The RHSA Silver Medal presentation was made by Lord Rowallan, His Excellency the Governor of Tasmania on 19 August 1961 at Boyer Oval, New Norfolk, Tasmania.

RHSA Certificate of Merit (not included with lot, location unknown): For rescue of Joyce Gittus and Maxwell Henry Gittus from a hop kiln at Bushby Park during heavy floods on 22 April 1960. Mr G.T.Rumley who assisted with the rescue was also awarded a Certificate of Merit.

The RHSA Certificate of Merit presentation was made by Lord Rowallan, His Excellency the Governor of Tasmania on 19 August 1961 at Boyer Oval, New Norfolk, Tasmania. Constable Alomes thus made history by becoming the first Tasmanian Police officer to receive two awards at the same time for different acts of gallantry.

Hilton Frank Alomes served two years with Royal Australian Navy before joining the Tasmania Police Force on 12Aug1955; passed Senior Constable exam 17Nov1963; promoted to Senior Constable 23Dec1965; Authority dated 15Jun1966 granted to 'Demand Admittance to Licensed Houses'; passed Sergeant's exam 15Sep1966; transferred to Sergeant of the Watch at Hobart Dec1970; passed Inspector examination 09Sep1971; transferred to New Norfolk 24Nov1971 and rank of Senior Sergeant; promoted to rank of Inspector 14Mar1974; transferred to St Marys 24Jun1974; transferred to Hobart (No 1 Division) 26Nov1975; appointed Justice of the Peace 11Oct1978; head of Hobart police division for 6 years before he retired 12Oct1983 and was former officer-in-charge of crime prevention in the state (appointed 05Aug1966) and during this time he wrote a regular newspaper column titled, 'Police Beat'; died 31Dec1986, suddenly, in Melbourne at age 61 and buried at Copping Cemetery, Copping, Tasmania after a service at All Saints' Anglican Church, South Hobart.

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