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Lot 1384    SESSION 6 (9.30AM WEDNESDAY 20TH NOV)    Stamps

Estimate $200
SOLD $120

AUSTRALIAN STATES, perfins, New South Wales 4 x 1d shield, 11 x 2d QV (including a block of 6) and 3d green all perf. OS/NSW (type A); 1/2d to 4d (11 stamps, 4 diff. values) all perf OS (type B); OS/NSW type B on 49 x 1d shield, 4 x 2 1/2d QV, 15 x 4d Cook, 4 x 5d laureate, 3 x 8d lyre and 5 x 1/- roo, 4 x 1/2d greenQV, 24 x 2d QV, 10 x 3d green, 11 x 6d orange; South Australia 15 long Toms 3 different values to 1/- all perf "SA", 9d Long Tom perf. "OS" and 1d QV "OS"; 10 x 1/2d GPO, 16 x 1d, 18 x 2d, 1 x 5d all perf "SA"; Tasmania, perf "T" on pictorials 25 x 1d, 19 x 2d, 3d, 5 x 4d, 5d and 2 x 1/2d tablets; perf "OS" on pictorials, 4 x 1d, 3 x 2d, and 1/2d, 4d, 6d; Victoria, perf "OS" on 7 x 1/2d, 150 x 1d, 50 x 2d, 17 x 3d, 2 x 1 1/2d, 7 x 4d, 5 x 5d, 7 x 6d, 3 x 9d, 4 x 1/-, 2 x 2/- and a 2 1/2d; perfins on Great Britain, KGVI perf. "NZ" (13 with 9 holes), QEII perf "NZ" (11 x 8 holes); Australia, 1981 $2 wallaby track used vertical pair perforated "VG" 4th head posn E. top stamp punched twice. Range of postmarks an interesting collection of perfins, used, some scarce. (lot)

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