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Lot 2954    SESSION 7 (9.30AM THURSDAY 30TH JULY)    Greek Silver & Bronze Coins

Estimate $160
SOLD $140

ITALY, Bruttium, Croton (Kroton), (430-420 B.C.), silver stater or nomos (6.92 g), obv. tripod-lebes with three handles to left, QPO upwards, dotted border, rev. tripod-lebes, legs ending in lion paws, dotted border, (cf.S.466, SNG Australia I = Gale 29, 1051, SNG ANS 315, McClean 1676); another a fouree (plated) stater or nomos example (c.500-460 B.C.), (5.92 g), obv. tripod, crane to left, QPO to right, rev. tripod, incuse, (cf.S.256, cf.SNG Cop. 1759-1760, cf.Gale 15, cf.SNG ANS 267). First coin with surface roughness, reverse corrosion, otherwise fine and scarce, second coin many scratches fair. (2)

Ex George Mihailuk Collection, from Romanorum 5.2.2010, and Noble Numismatics Sale 92 (lot 5008) for the first coin, the second coin bought from ANC 3.12.2009.

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