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Lot 2956    SESSION 7 (9.30AM THURSDAY 30TH JULY)    Greek Silver & Bronze Coins

Estimate $160
SOLD $100

ITALY, Bruttium, The Brettii, (214-211 B.C.), AE double didrachm, fourth coinage, (14.87 g), obv. helmeted head of bearded Ares to left, two pellets behind, rev. **BRETTIWN to right, Nike standing left, holding palm and crowning trophy, hook between, (S.-, HN Italy 1977, Scheu bronze 8) (illustrated); Brettian League, (215-205 B.C.), AE 26, (14.75 g), obv. Ares head to left, rev. BPETTI**WN* to left, Hera Hoplosmia advancing right, boar in field to right, (S.-, Scheu 68 [Num.Chron. 1961]); Republic, Anonymous, (c.260 B.C.), AE litra, Rome mint, (5.29 g), obv. Corinthian helmeted head of Minerva to left, rev. horse's head to right with bridle, ROMANO behind, (S.592, Cr.17/1a, Syd.3,); Republic, Anonymous, (c.211-206 B.C.), AE triens (4 unciae), (6.84 g), obv. head of Minerva right in Corinthian helmet,four pellets above, rev. prow to right, above ROMA, below four pellets, (S.911, Cr.56/4, Syd.143b, BMC 245). Toning, poor - nearly very fine and scarce. (4)

In collector's packets with descriptions.

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