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Lot 2836    SESSION 12 (11.30AM THURSDAY 25TH MARCH)    Ancient Gold - Greek

Estimate $40,000
SOLD $39,000

ZEUGITANIA, Carthage, (possibly Siculo-Punic), (c.264-260 B.C.), the time of the First Punic War, gold trihemistater or Attic tridrachm, (12.50 g), obv. head of Tanit-Persephone to left, wearing necklace with twelve pendants tied at back with ends hanging loosely, a triple pendant earring and a wreath of grain ears, dotted border, rev. horse standing to right on exergual line with head reverted, line border, (S.6470 [p.598], Basel 569, Gulbenkian 384, Jenkins Group IX, No.398 [same dies], De Luynes 3749, cf.Kraay-Hirmer 210). Brilliant, extremely fine/good extremely fine and very rare.

Ex Noble Numisamtics Sale 112 (lot 3768), ex Leu Numismatics Auction Sale 83 (lot 128) 6/5/02 and Sotheby's London 5/7/95 (lot 36), Probably from Tunis 1948 hoard (ICGH 2271) as are most known examples.
This type was unique and only known by the De Luynes example until the discovery of the Tunis hoard which increased the number by at least another thirty five examples. The find spot suggests Carthage as the mint, but this is uncertain and likewise also is the date of issue. However to finance the war against Rome a special issue of gold coins would seem likely and if from Carthage it would represent the last gold issue of Carthage. This issue comes from a pair of dies of which only two examples are recorded by Jenkins and Lewis. It is highly probably this piece is the second example noted in that listing by the authors.

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