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Lot 2529    SESSION 11 (9.30AM THURSDAY 25TH NOV)    Greek Silver & Bronze Coins

Estimate $7,500
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SOLD $12,500

EUBOIA, Eretria, silver didrachm or stater, (c.510-490 B.C.), (Sear), and (500-465 B.C.), (BCD), (8.39 g), obv. cow standing to right, head turned back, scratching itself with right hind-hoof, E reversed below, rev. sepia or octapus within incuse square, (cf.S.1822, BMC 22 (p.121, PL.XXIII, 3 different dies] = Traite 1072, Pozzi 3378 [This Coin], BCD Collection No.311 [This Coin], Pozzi Collection [Naville & Cie. I, 4.4.1921] No.1490 (This Coin), HGC 4, 1505). Very fine/nearly extremely fine and very rare.

Ex BCD collection, sold Numismatik Lanz Munchen, Sale 111 November 25, 2002 (lot 311) and previously from the Prof S. Pozzi Collection, sold in Naville & Cie Sale I Geneva, 14 March 1921 (lot 1490 50 Fr. bought by Spink, Pl.XLVII), and subsequently in the Bowers and Merena Galleries Sale April 8-9, 1983 (lot 2726 for US$440 + 15%, priced at $900), with tickets and photos.
A very rare variety with the reversed E.

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