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Staff Profile

W. James (Jim) Noble

Managing Director, Sydney

Jim has been involved in numismatics since his youth. He has previously held the positions of president of the Numismatic Association of Australia, the Australian Numismatic Society (ANS) and is a recipient of the ANS gold medal. Jim has authored many articles on coins and co-wrote the standard reference on Australia's first coin, the holey dollar.

As a collector Jim owned the world's most complete collection of British tokens. Since sold, the catalogue has become a standard reference for British tokens.

Jim founded Spink & Son Australia in 1976 as a subsidiary of the world's oldest coin firm. In the period to the present Jim has overseen over one hundred and ten major sales and is recognised as a leading expert on Australian coins.

Robert A. Climpson

Manager, Sydney

Robert (Bob) is the Sydney office manager and has been involved in the production of over sixty auction catalogues. An experienced numismatist, Bob is also available for auction consultations.

As our photographer, Bob has been responsible for producing our catalogue photography since 1991.

John O'Connor

Consultant, Sydney

John has a varied general knowledge of collectables, having operated a coin and medal shop in Sydney for many years with his father, Jack.

As a researcher, with a special interest in military awards and medals, John has written numerous articles and books such as, Shooting Awards & Prize Medals to Australian Military Forces and Australian Airborne The History & Insignia of Australian Military Parachuting, both recognised as standard reference works. For his contribution to military history he has been awarded a fellowship of the Australian Institute of History and Arts and honorary membership of Red Berets International Australia Parachute Association and Parachute Riggers Association (Qld).

John was also a member of the Editorial Committee of the Numismatic Association of Australia for several years and has been acknowledged by Greg McDonald, the author of Australian Coins and Banknotes, for his valuable editorial contribution to his annual pocket guide.

Jill Pearson

Manager, Melbourne

Jill Pearson commenced with the Company in Melbourne in 1987 and is currently the Melbourne office manager. Jill oversees consignment Melbourne lots for our Sydney auctions and is available to advise on selling at auction. Her areas of expertise include historical medals, documents, bonds and share certificates. Jill is a member of the International Bond & Share Society and the Gemmological Association of Australia. As a former secretary of the Numismatic Association of Australia, Jill is a recipient of the Arthur J Lockwood Award.

Colin E. Pitchfork

Consultant, Sydney

Colin has been a collector of ancient coins for nearly sixty years. He was formerly in NSW TAFE until 1991, holding the position of Head of Chemical & Food Technology for NSW. He holds a Master's degree in Arts (History, Macquarie University), a Bachelor degrees in Chemical Technology (NSW University), a Bachelor degree in Arts (majoring in History and Archaeology, Sydney University), and a Diploma in Education (University of Technology, Sydney).

He has been actively involved in professional numismatics for over fifty years, a past president on many occasions from 1967 of the Australian Numismatics Society (founded in 1913) and recently in 2008 retired from that position. He has also been awarded this Society's highest honors of both the Society’s gold and silver medals, a unique honor. Colin has been given other awards including the NAA (Numismatic Association of Australia), Paul Simon award “for outstanding contribution in promoting numismatics within organised numismatic societies in Australia”. He is currently the Vice President of NAA.

Colin has authored many articles in various numismatic publications within Australia and overseas. Colin has from 1968–1992 produced 58 auction sale catalogues on coins and banknotes for Geoff K. Gray Pty Ltd and Mason Gray Strange Pty Ltd. They comprised some important sales and collections including the Gilbert Heyde collection which was sold from 1973-1974. Since 1991 he has been Numismatic Consultant to Noble Numismatics and assisted in the writing and production of over sixty catalogues.

He is also on the Board of ACANS (Australian Centre of Ancient Numismatics Studies) at Macquarie University and is the author of the Sydney University book published for the Nicholson Museum on the The Jon Hosking Collection of Ptolemaic Coins.

Gerhard Reimann-Basch

Numismatist, Melbourne

Gerhard is numismatist at the Melbourne office. He has a long standing interest and involvement with numismatics.

Gerhard's professional involvement with Noble Numismatics began in 1993. Since that time Gerhard oversaw the company's Melbourne auctions and is available to provide advice on the value and disposal of collections.